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Thread: slo motion problems

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    Default slo motion problems

    Hello guys!

    Whenever i do slomotion on my video with velocity sony vegas deletes frames and duplicates other frames instead of the deleted ones so i have 5 the same frames than it looks like its playing the slomotion back any one have a solution for that if you need a piece of footage which shows it ask me ill upload some

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    Is it that you have not set the project properties to match your original footage ?

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    Hmm what kind of properties frame rate and other things?

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    Let me say it again in a different way. What is the frame rate of the original footage ? 24fps, 25fps, 30fps 50fps, 60fps etc..?

    I'm also quoriouse to know how you know what Vegas has done to the footage to slow it down. Duplicating frames is normal when slowing down footage. BUT I don't know what the usual pull-down or should that be pull-up is.

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    My frape rate is 30fps but whenever i split my clip than the frames duplicate and the mistake with velocity was i dragged the line under 0% than you have a negative and it reverses tha clip but the slow motions come out not smooth and laggy do you know how to fix that? even when there rendered

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    Ok two more questions.
    Have you set your project properties to 30fps ?
    Have you removed any keyframe on the velocity curve that is no longer needed. ie when you took it below 0% ?

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    Yes when i go into properties there stands 30fps and yes I deleted every keyframe

    But my slow motions are still laggy and unsmooth

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    Hey Midnight, quit trying to solve this with words, the crowd want an example of the footage

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    so you need footage where it shows that the slow motions aren't smooth and laggy

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    Yes please - It may help

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