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Thread: Why won't music work?

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    Default Why won't music work?

    I just recently got Sony Vegas Pro 11. I wanted to make a video right away. I knew how to use it because I had Sony Vegas Pro 8 a few months ago, but Blue FX corrupted it. I tried loading music into it, and it gave me the "you can't do that" sign that slightly looks like (/) (circle with a / through it). Then I somehow got it in Project Media, I drag it onto my audio track, and a square with a smaller mouse comes up. But yet still, it doesn't let me put my music in the video. Everything I have seen says "Just drag the mp3/avi file onto the working space" but that isn't working for me. Yes, the file is mp3. I could convert it into avi if that's the problem.

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    If it's just an .mp3 you shouldn't have any trouble just dragging it to the time-line as you expect. Did you fully un-install Vegas Pro 8 and Blue FX before installing this new version of Vegas. I can only think that what ever corrupted the old version is still affecting the new version. Or there is something else on your system that has effected the .mp3 codec.

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