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Thread: New project settings using gopro2 and ms11

  1. Default New project settings using gopro2 and ms11

    Shooting video with a gopro2 in 1080-30 narrow. Currently starting new edits of the footage with HDV 1440x1080-60i.

    Should I be using another setting for this footage?

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    I'm not sure what you mean by narrow. What you should do is match the footage with the project settings. ie If as you say you have shot at 30 fps then set the properties to 30fps not 60i. If you shot progressive then set the field order to none (Progressive), etc....

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    Narrow view which is irrelavent. I did not see a setting in ms11 for 30fps but did see one for 24p.

    Here are my choices:
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    It doesn't really matter which template you choose to start with, as you can change all the settings any way. If you go down the list to Bluray you may see a 1080-30p template.

    The settings I would use would be:
    Width - 1920
    Hight - 1080
    Field Order - None (Progressive)
    Pixel aspect ration - 1.000 Square
    Frame rate - 29.970 NTSC
    Deinterlace method - None

    The rest of the settings should be ok as they are.

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    I don't see those settings on the screen print i posted. where do you go to enter those settings?

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    I'm sorry, I'm forgetting (not for the first time for me) that you don't have the Pro version of Vegas. In the Pro version each of the individual project settings can be custom set.

    Have a look down the list in the Video box for "match media settings" then browse to the folder where your video files are. Select any video clip and Vegas should set the properties to match the media for you.

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    Yes, it is ms11. I'll give that a try. I seems ok but I was just wondering if it could be better.

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    You can't do any better than match your media with yor project settings. If you can view the footage with Preview settings of Best full. Your footage should be perfect, Well as good as your camera shot the footage.

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    Currently starting new edits of the footage with HDV 1440x1080-60i. Will try another setting just to see. I looks pretty good but was just curious.

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