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Thread: Rendering to AVCHD with Progressive Scanning

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    Default Rendering to AVCHD with Progressive Scanning


    I'm using Sony Vegas 11 Pro.

    I have a Panasonic HDC-SD9EB-S HD Camcorder which I use to record my movies in Full HD 1920 x 1080 25p (PAL) in AVCHD format (*.m2ts). I can setup a custom project template fine (no existing template seems to match) but I'm struggling to select the best setting for rendering.

    I want to render to a format as close to my source as possible. When I try to render to AVCHD I am unable to select 'Progressive Scanning' and I'm forced to accept 'Interlacing' (Field Order: Upper Field First is set and option grayed out so can't set to 'None'!). To get progressive scanning with audio included I'm having to use *.mp4. As my source is in 1080p (progressive) I don't want to have to render to 1080i (interlaced), as it will lower quality and cause those dodgy lines when panning.

    Alternatively I eventually want to author to Blu-ray so is there a better render option to avoid re-encoding when authoring to Blu-ray?


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    You could try using the Save type Sony AVC/MVC with the Internet 1920 x 1080 25p template and tweak it with the custom options if you need to. This will let you render in progressive mode.

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    I can offer little advice but feel your pain. I too cannot render to AVCHD or mpg2 with progressive. I am limited to Sony AVC mp4

    Just a thought. Could you not render elementary streams - separate audio and video and use ts muxer to join??? Must try that myself

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