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Thread: Is Vegas able to search for the marker content?

  1. Default Is Vegas able to search for the marker content?


    I have used markers to write comments into several parts of my project.
    I was trying to find a way of search for words I have written, but I couldn't. I tried to use the tool "Edit Details", but it seems not provide search functions.
    Is Vegas able to search for the marker content?
    Besides the issue related to markers, is there other ways to keep the project traceable /searchable?


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    A round about way
    Open VIEW > Edit Details, (ALT+6) and then select markers from drop down list
    Click on Button below "Show" and all fields will light up blue, then CTRL+C (copy) and paste into word, txt program or Spreadsheet, you can then do a search in there.


    If you know the number of the marker, you can press the numbers above the keys to go directly to that marker.

    If the numbers are out of order use the highlight above in Edit Details, do CTRL+C followed by CTRL V (Paste) and all markers are re-numbered

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    Thank you!!!

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    one more Ta ...da ....

    When you highlight them all press delete and they are all gone, a quicker way of removing markers.

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    Thanks again Z Cheema!

    I had set a marker in the beginning of an video media in timeline. But when I move the media, the marker still fixed in same place and doesn't go with the media.

    a) Do you know if it is possible to "group" the marker with the media in timeline, in order to move the media and the marker would go together?

    b) Besides the markers issue, do you know if there is other means of identifying media/event in time line and navigate through them easily? For instance, I am using the "edit details"=>"show events" and then trying to identify media using the field "tape name". But if split a same media in several parts along the video, it seems to be impossible to give different names to each split part because since I attach a name to one, all the other parts will receive same name automatically.


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    Two options for markers

    Option 1:
    if you place the clip in the trimmer and add markers there, they remain in that position on the TL, handy for audio to get beats and things. Those markers however are not easy to find on the TL but there is a script that promotes the clip markers to full TL markers.
    So you could delete markers and then promote the them to new positions.

    Option 2:
    Make sure ripple edit is on. For deleting events and having the markers move left, make a time selection, and then hit the delete key. The markers will then move in sync with the events. If you want all of the events on all tracks to move, make sure you have all the tracks selected. The easiest way to do this is to select the top track by clicking on the information area on the left, then scroll to the botom track and Shift-click on the left. This will select all tracks in between.
    For inserting events and have all the markers move to the right, use the Insert Time first. The markers will move. Then add your new event in the time opening you just made.
    How do I move markers and regions when I insert and delete events?

    Try this for locating clips (I think) also has tools for markers
    Sony Creative Software - Forums - Vegas Pro - Video Messages

    More tools,
    Document sans nom
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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Cheema View Post
    Option 2:
    Make sure ripple edit is on. ...
    Just to be pedantic, this behaviour rather depend on which "ripple edit" selection you have. If you have "Affected Tracks" selected, the markers won't move.

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    Thanks everybody for much information!!!
    After some tests, I have found in "Timeline Tools Vegas Pro Extension
    " a handy way to search my tracks. Besides other functions, there is a tag editor which provides a way to attach tags to each piece of event. And this tool is free of charge (thank you developer!).

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