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Thread: Project/track organization to edit documentary. Sugestions???

  1. Default Project/track organization to edit documentary. Sugestions???


    I will edit 7 interviews plus related b-roll through Vegas Pro 11. Overall I think the video will have around 40 minutes.

    So far I have not created much complex project as it is seems will be.

    Does anyone have any tip about what should be the better organization to go ahead with project/tracks usage?

    For instance, would be useful to have each interview in one different track of the same project? Would be better to create different projects and then join all at the end?

    I would appreciate any tip


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    Howdy Cadu!

    Onto "Pastures" New eh?

    . . . . .

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    Hi Grazie,
    I was looking for complementary point of views!!!
    The world is so small in internet.
    Nice hear from you again!
    Carlos (Cadu)

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    I tend to go for like for like on each track. That would mean all the interviews on one track, B Roll on another track, Titles on another. I would have ambient audio, music and voice over on separate tracks so you can EQ the tracks.

    40 minutes isn't such big a project of this nature so I wouldn't bother splitting it unless there is some sort of heavy CGI or motion graphics.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you!!!

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    Not really adding much in the way of suggestions, but I tend to work the same as Midnight.
    The only thing I do find is I have to be very careful keeping track of what's on which track - making sure I label each track is crucial here.

    For example: Often I'll drag some new footage onto a track which contains video and this will open up a new track to accommodate the audio. I don't want that audio and I don't want an unnecessary track in the timeline, so I'll simply delete the audio track. This is all well and good, but in my enthusiasm I have been known to drag some video onto the timeline and have this happen where I want to keep the audio. Fine, I should move that audio to another track, but in my haste I might forget to. A minute or two later, on another section of the timeline, I'll drop another clip and delete the audio track - completely forgetting I had some audio I wanted to keep on it.

    If I worked by cutting and selecting in the trimmer, like many do, I wouldn't have that problem. But its all really a question of being disciplined.

    Similarly I'll often have several tracks for titles, graphics and lower thirds and it's easy to loose track 9no pun intended) of what's where.

    Just be disciplined.

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