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Thread: AC HD Card issues

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    Default AC HD Card issues

    Were shooting on a Panasonic AVC HD ( HMC 150), the storage device we are using is a SD card. out average shoot is about 45 min. Either the card or the camera keeps on splitting our footage into two. Whats the fix for this. Thank you

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    This happens with most cameras surely, is there not a limit to the time a card can record before it starts a new clip, I know that when I shoot with a DSLR clips are split


    Why is there a limit restriction to the 1080p film video recording time duration on DSLRs? - Photography

    I believe this has always been the case with FAT

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    Is there a solution?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pprep View Post
    Is there a solution?
    No not that I am aware of which is why you simply join the clips back together in whatever editor you are using

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