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    Hi there,

    Am new to this forum.

    I'm working at a company in NZ making videos for their youtube site.

    I'm using Premiere Pro CS6

    I've got a problem with still images I'm using though.

    Here is one video I've done so far:

    Juliana's OE with IEP - YouTube

    As you can see the logo in the corner looks like its moving up and down the whole time, and a few of the photographs look like they're moving too.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this? I tried Anti-flicker but that didn't do anything.


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    I suspect this is something to do with interlacing and mixed media ie the logo. Is the original video interlaced ? What project settings are you using. Check you are using the correct field order. Is the logo being resized by the video software ?

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    Someone told me that the whole video is moving, not just the logo.
    I started the project using Widescreen 48hz
    What are the correct export setting I should be using for youtube?
    At the moment I'm using format H.264 and then presets for youtube, but I'm getting this shakey result every time

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    I started the project using Widescreen 48hz
    I don't understand what you mean by this. What is the exact formate, resolution, frame rate, interlaced/progressive of the original footage? Did you check the field order setting?

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    I'm not sure, how do I find out?

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    What camera are you using? Does it say in the manual? What does CS6 report about the footage properties. In Vegas you just right click the file and select properties to get the info but I don't know what you do with your software.

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