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Thread: Best/Quickest Software For Converting From a DVD to HDV

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    Hi all,

    Looking for a bit advice. I have footage recorded on a DVD and I want to convert the video on to my Hard Drive and edit the footage. It's a full DVD (4.3GB) and about 1 hour in length.

    I'm currently using AVS Video Converter 6.3 to do this, by converting the IFO file on the DVD to HD Video output on to my Hard Drive. This works fine and the difference in quality from a standard MPEG-2 conversion is considerably noticeable.

    The problem is that it's taking on average 6 hours to do it. I have a lot of footage on DVDs that I want to do this with and do quite regularly so it is less than ideal. Can someone tell me if this is just the normal amount of time needed to make such a conversion, or does anyone have any advice on what software is best to do this? Ideally looking for reasonably quick conversion times and file sizes, which I know is sometimes asking a lot!

    Any help/advice would be very much appreciated!!!


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    Are you trying to convert DVD (SD) to HDV (HD) ? if so why? or have I read it wrong?

    Sony Vegas Platinum will copy the DVD footage onto your HD for editing as standard MPEG2

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    I echo what Z has said. The only way to speed up this job is by having much pore powerful hardware. Even then it will take some hours to do this sort of conversion. I can't see how you think you are getting better looking footage than the original DVD content. It's fine to back up you DVDs onto your computer but keep them as they are.

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    Maybe you can try the best free DVD rippers listed:
    Top 11 Best FREE DVD Rippers to Rip DVD for Free
    I'm new here, but hope it does help.

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    Please forgive me as I'm not quite as good with the techincal side of things as I am with the creative side of editing. I understand that a recording on a standard DVD should not require me to save/convert as an HDV MPEG2 file and that I should just save/convert the file as a standard MPEG2 file. However, if I do happen to save/convert it as the HDV file there is a clear difference in quality, which is why I'm confused. The frame size is set to "original" when I save it as a normal MPEG2 file but it appears slightly pixelated around the edges of anything moving in the video, whereas this is not the case saving it as HDV. Could it just be something to do with the frame size setting I'm using causing this?

    I have attatched a screenshot example to try and show the difference, hopefully you can see the difference from it.

    Editing Test.jpg
    I maybe need to try a different program to do this.

    Thanks again for the help, any suggestions welcome.

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    I see what you mean but I don't know why you are getting this. It doesn't make any sense to me unless the video player or even the monitor finds it easier to process the HD video. The only thing I can think is the bit rate being set is to low for the standard DVD rendering. An average bit rate setting would be around 6 or 7 Mb per second this could be more up to about 9 Mb per second. OR if needed could be lower to get a smaller file size to fit on a disk.

    The rendering times, as I've said before is down to the power of your computer hardware and how much work it has to do. As Z CHeema has said Sony Vegas will copy the DVD from the disk onto your hard drive as an mpeg2 file for you to edit the video as you wish or just view it on your computer as it is.

    Sorry if this isn't helpful but I'm a bit stuck with this one.

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    No problem, you have been very helpful.

    For some reason my Vegas Pro 10.0 comes up with an error and cannot import the file when I do it that way. I may be doing it wrong, "Import > DVD Camcorder Disc..." is all i can find to import it and for some reason it gets to 99% and then comes up with an error.

    It's a strange one. I think I might have to come up with a compromise. Do I go with the apparent better quality HDV file with a larger file size or just edit with the ordinary MPEG2 file which won't take half as long to convert/save/import. It is quite frustrating though.

    Out of interest, the particular program I have recorded was from a SKY HD channel. This has been recorded on a standard DVD via a scart lead to my DVD recorder. HD channel or not it should not affect the quality of the video on the DVD I'm trying to rip in this instance because it's a standard DVD, correct?

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    That's right if you record onto a standard DVD it will be in standard definition. I don't know why Vegas stalls on importing your DVD unless there is somesort of write error on the disk. There is one thing that I'm confused about from your first post you said you used the .ifo file but it is the .vob file that is the video file on a DVD. You should be able to copy and past the .vob file straight off the DVD onto your hard disk. If you re-name the file extention from .vob to .mpg and you should have a mpeg2 file that you can edit in Vegas.

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