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Thread: How to do this effect?

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    Default How to do this effect?

    Hello, I am editing a video I shot and I was wondering what this effect is called and how to do it. I have seen it done a few times in other videos and I wanted to know how I can do it.

    It's the red and yellow color flares throughout the video.
    Official Hillsong United "Yours Forever" Video - YouTube
    I know this is a Christian music video and if you are going to say something regarding it, please don't.

    Another one is from this video. It is more subtle in usage but still intriguing.
    Canon EF Lenses Training Video | The Eyes Of EOS - YouTube

    You can see it for a quick second at 1:24

    Thanks in advance. This my first post.

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    I spent ages to find out what the effect is but I eventually found out that it is 'Film Burn'.

    You can make your own film burn but it's a lot easier to download a free pack (like the YouTube video below) then overlay them on your footage by either screening the black or reducing the opacity, do NOT key out the black because it will look horrible.

    Film Burn [Download link in description] Free HD - YouTube <<Film Burns

    I hope this helped!
    Chris (ChrisMiBrooker)
    ChrisMiBrooker | NEXT VIDEO: July 6th - YouTube

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    Awful why would this be wanted and the terrible camera work on the youtube shot,

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