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Thread: Camcorder for event filming

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    I'm looking to buy a camrea for recording event footage some outside but quite a lot at night time.
    i have been looking at the Sony Vg 20 but am unsure. Do I just get an slr?
    sound would be important for interviews and I think the Sony has good DOF.

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    If sound is important, Use an external audio recording device if you go for a DSLR camera. I know the Canon 5D MkII, now available in MkIII, version is very popular BUT the Panasonic GH2 with the hack is reported to be a great camera for video and at around 600 just for the body it's very much cheaper than the Canon. BUT for event shooting I would tend to go for a good purpose built video camera, just on the basis of the ergonomics of shooting. I can't recommend a particular one. BUT something that has all the buttons and wheels at your finger tips would be easier to use than a menu driven camera. The Sony NEX VG20 has had some good reviews but I don't know if I would go for that camera. (I'm a Panasonic man)

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    I saw a similar question asked on another website, specifically comparing the Canon XA10 to the Sony you mentioned. The consensus seemed to be that the Canon was the better option. The Sony is undoubtedly far better in terms of image quality, but the Canon has a couple of key advantages for documentary style shooting. Firstly, it has professional sound inputs, which are useful if you want to record good sound without having to deal with a separate audio recorder (but I think the small body means that some of the controls are tucked away in menus, unfortunately). The other advantage was that it has dual SD card slots, which can either be configured to record the same image onto two cards so you always have a backup, or so that when one is full, it automatically starts recording on the other. Very useful for continuous shooting. Depending on exactly what you're shooting, a DSLR could be a really bad idea though. They have limits on the record time, and are known to overheat with long periods of video recording (i.e. 10 minutes). I wouldn't use one for anything where I wasn't in complete control of the thing I was shooting.

    Coincidentally, here's a comparison between the two camcorders I mentioned earlier in low light (actually the VG10, but it's effectively the same camcorder): Sony NEX VG10 vs Canon XA10 Low Light Test Footage - YouTube Despite what I assumed, the Canon actually looks significantly better in low light.
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