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    I'm a newbie here and I have this crazy issue where I'm getting top to bottom scrolling interfrence like issues.

    The setup was in a room with projected video clouds on the back wall. Most of the lighting is coming from the projector.

    I was using a Canon 5D MkII. I'm assuming the issue has something to do with the projection rate of the video projector.

    Here is a sample (removed)

    Can anyone help me remove this problem. I am using Premiere Pro CS 6 as well as After Effects CS6

    ************************************************** ************************************************** **********************************************

    EDIT: Thanks for your help. I ended up sorting it out with some trickery so it's not so noticable. Here is the final result. A Fashion Film - Breeze By Greg Desiatov - YouTube
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    I can't see how this could be removed in post I would need re-shooting and check your shutter and frame rate are not conflicting with the light source. You will have to deal with it the same way you would deal with a flickering TV screen you were filming.

    If you can't re-shoot then try making everything around the subject darker. This would reduce but not totally get rid of the issue. Then when the client sees the rippling light on her, just tell her it's ok and that you haven't charged her for the unique special FX.
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    We get that all the time if a light or protector is at just the right frequency to produce a flickering image on the screen, You can always either spot it on the camera lens or an out-board TV monitor.

    There is no magic fix for this unfortunately, either re-shoot or say to the client "It's an arty filter to make you look more edgy"

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