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    I've searched around all night to try and find an answer to this but nothing is working. I'm using Vegas Pro 11 and I've literally just finished music video project that's taken about a week to edit perfectly in time syncing the audio and now I've come to the problem of whenever I try and render the video it freezes at 2% and then freezes my whole computer. I can't think of anything that it would be, all of my Vegas Pro 10 projects rendered perfectly fine.

    Anyone had this problem before? If so how did you fix it? It's becoming ridiculously frustrating for me.



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    It's really hard to know what might cause a problem like this. It could be anything from bad media on the tracks to hardware failure. I had a cooling failure the other week during a render. Try rendering loop region after the point where it normally stops to see what happens.

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    Hi BBBward,

    did you make the last upgrade at sony website? Check if youre running the 322 building (the crashing history before this update was quite big!). Here are some options to try:

    1) render in different options, just to see if it runs in lower demanding setups
    2) change the export file name, avoiding any symbols (-_%~^.;,etc)
    3) change the destination folder

    Maybe Im raining over wet ground, but its a start...

    Good luck, TonyBR

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    Thank you for the replies, I've managed to export it successfully as an .avi which is good enough for me for the time being!



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