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Thread: Death Loop - By Slapshot Films

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    Default Death Loop - By Slapshot Films

    Hey everyone

    please see my film Death Loop
    Death Loop - YouTube

    I have editing and added some special effects and would like some comments about it.

    Check it out and let me know what you think.


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    really like it! nice work

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    I thought it was an interesting idea. It was well done except I don't like blood spats on the camera and I thought the muzzle flash was a bit strong.

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    Clever concept ....... liked the effects too.
    I though this was well made.

    Well done.

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    Excellent, you tick all my boxes, quality filming, exciting, short and to the point, intriguing, twist at the end.

    Sounds were amazing too, lost the narrative slightly in places, but it all made sense in the end.

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    Very well done. I'm also not a fan of the blood splats on camera and I thought some of the splats behind the target were a bit overdone, but i think that's more a question of taste. Similarly, I'm not really a fan of loads of violence, but the film sort of needed it! Credit for coming up with soo many different ways of one man killing another with a handgun in a confined space - I bet that took some thought.
    My only criticism was the voices were a bit "roomy" and I struggled a bit to hear the dialogue when it came.

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    nice work .

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