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Thread: Full Set Up for Demo Kitchen / Stage !

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    Question Full Set Up for Demo Kitchen / Stage !

    Ok, I know this request for info will cover a lot of different areas, but I'm hoping folks will point and help where they can ....

    I am getting a grant to build a travelling demonstration kitchen/chef roadshow stage - based in a 20ft trailer, with a marquee attached.
    I have previously been doing chef demos, and have used various bits of kit to help with the A/V - normally a camcorder linked up to a data projector, back projected onto a screen behind the demo as here Take 3 Chefs 12 - YouTube - a few other videos here (Take 3 Chefs - YouTube under my Take 3 Chefs Banner)

    Plus a roving camcorder
    Miked up into seperate PA, using lapel mikes and handhelds

    this is all basically cobbled together with bits of kit I have, and whatever in-house stuff is at the venue.

    now, with the grant, I have a chance to get a proper set-up, and so am looking for advice!

    I'm not sure whether to go down a fully pc/digital route, or a more analogue route - or indeed, what is possible.

    ideally we want to run 3 or 4 cameras, into a screen or 2 and maybe a TV or 2, depending on what works best at the location
    Would be good to be able to record directly, and even to live broadcast / webcast !
    A roving cam and mic for interviewing audience during tastings

    All run off a generator - think Chef demo kitchen in a county showfield

    So, I am looking for any help advice as to what routes to go, any links to kit / suppliers / budgets

    My initial starting thoughts for a "shopping list are "

    Cameras - is it possible to go down the remote pan, tilt zoom route?
    Camera controller / Vision Mixer
    PA - and Mics, and sound controller / mixer
    Data projector
    rear and front projection screens
    TV screens - 40" up
    any wireless kit needed

    lighting and stands/rigs

    someone has mentioned to me that CCTV kit may do the job, but I'm not convinced, unless the quality is very good

    The stage may also be used for other things - eg speakers, seminars, live music. So any versatility with the kit would be good - although I know a live music PA will be needed as a different spec to the one for chef demos - is it worth speccing this from the start, or running 2 systems

    Budget .... well, lets say I have several thousand 's for the whole project - so I am not looking at doing this on a grand, but also, I am not in the "studio" type arena - think 5000 give or take a few grand for the AV side ....

    Just browsing about, I have seen this Roland VR-3 AV Mixer - am I going down the right route....?

    Any help gratefully received -
    I'll cook you some demo food when it's up and running !


    Mark "Chef" Dale

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    Hi Mark and welcome. I've been involved in many live edits from graduation ceremonies to conferences and the Roland looks great for what you have in mind. Are you chefing or mixing? It looks like someone would be needed full time on the mix + a cam op or two. If you're chefing, have you not thought ( I'm not volunteering) of outsourcing the video coverage set up to someone who already has the kit?
    It looks like it's gonna need quite a set up for everything you have planned.
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