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    It was my 30th birthday surprise. Didn't know anything about it and now I'm hooked. Only she didn't know I had a surprise for her...

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    Very cool.

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    Great video. Congratulations and Well Done.

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    Sounds like the perfect exchange of gifts! Bet the vid of the engabement ring isn't as exciting though.
    Just think of the kit you'd have needed to record a film like this even 10 years ago. GoPro or similar on helmet, I presume? No, I'm wrong. Hand held - bloody hell that would be an expensive drop!
    I love the shots of teh engagement. Make sure you get this incorporated into the wedding vid.
    Congratulations to you.
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    Thank you all.... Twas a pretty incredibly perfect day. I had been holding on to it for almost a year not knowing when the right time would be to give it to her.

    I did have a few moments that I thought would have suited but I chickened out. We are moving to the west coast together in a few months with no more than what we can fit in our vehicles in hopes of a bright future.

    We both expect daunting times but can't bare the thought of what would happen if we dont try.

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    Yea the guys flying with both of us (an extra $130 per - yes there were two) each had an HD something or other mounted to their helmet as well as a DSLR for stills.
    I get chills every time I watch it. Still brings me back to that moment of falling through clouds.

    I would love to be the falling cameraman that films people on their way down. It was an unforgettable experience.

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    Fantastic video
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    Great video !

    love the shot at 1.30 where your dropping through the clouds

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