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Thread: marrying 1440x1080 and 720x576

  1. Default marrying 1440x1080 and 720x576

    Bear with me, I'm new to Premiere.

    Have agreed to edit some footage for a friend of an event. I used two cameras. Captured mts footage at 1440x1080 AVHCD on one consumer camera. The other camera is older HDD Sony Handycam - footage came out as mpg at 720x576. Obviously one being smaller than the other is an issue... I guess just dragging the anchor points of the 1440x1080 isnt the best solution to this.

    Am using Premiere CS4 to edit & want to know how to marry up the footage as it'll eventually be put on dvd. Any suggestions? (even just figuring out the basic set up before i start editing)

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    The real problem you are facing is that the larger one is most likely high definition and the smaller one, standard definition.

    It's not the just the resolution differences that will trip you up here. You will have different bitrates, possible frame rates and different sound files.
    Then we hit the problem of one being 16:9 aspect ration and the other maybe not!

    If you try to increase the resolution of the standard files they will degrade in quality noticeably.

    If you have no choice then try simply converting one set of video files to match the properties of the other and see which gives the best results. (This also depends on the final output you are looking for as well.)

    After finding your best option THEN you can edit but I would not really want to edit whilst mixing differing file types on the timeline.

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