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Thread: Sony Vegas rendering confusion

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    Default Sony Vegas rendering confusion

    I have Sony Vegas pro 11 and last week I worked on a clip that ended up being 1 minute 10 seconds long.

    I noticed it was taking a long time to render and the whole video ended up being over 5 minutes long. The open space in the time line after my video stopped rendered also.

    How do I go about removing the empty area after my video is complete?

    I know in the video you can hit the s button for split and then delete what you want but that is not an option without video being in that part of the timeline.

    Is this a setting or what?

    I was going to search but I honestly didnt know how or what to call this

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    Vegas will normally see that the time line is empty and just stop rendering up to the point of the end of the last clip. There could be a few reasons for it to not do so.

    1. You have selected a loop region longer than the project length.
    2. There is a small piece of rouge media on the time line beyond your project end point.
    3. Something is seriously wrong with the software.

    I don't know of any other reason why it would do it.

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    Hi Happy Dad and welcome. Midnight has pointe dyou in the right direction, but as a new user you probably don't know it!

    Create a selection (grey bar with yellow triangles at each end along the top of the timeline) of the bit you want to render.
    When you render, tick the box that says "Render loop region only"

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    Hey guys I really appreciate the advice. I was hoping to run a test yesterday but work wasn't cooperating, will try sometime today and let you know.

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