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Thread: Lighticles - Audio Visual Animation (Experimental)

  1. Default Lighticles - Audio Visual Animation (Experimental)

    "Lighticles"is an experimental audio visual project that i did a while back.
    I was mainly trying to work with different effects and animation combined with music.

    Hope you all like it.

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    Very interesting. Please tell us more - what software? What was your approach? Did you achieve what you set out to do or were you surpeised by spome of the results?

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    I used After Effects with Trapcode Particular to do this. This was totally abstract, so i dont know if i was actually set to achieve anything. I was just experimenting with different effects of particular and was seeing how best i could implement and sync these effects with the music. Yes some things did surprise me a little, like the formation of the lattice at the end. I think it turned out to be pretty nice with the camera moves involved.

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    It reminds me of the visualisations you get with Windows Media Player but better, more how they should look these days. Is putting the shake on the beat of the music manual thing or does the software do this automtically.

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    The camera shake is mostly automatic once you write a script for it, some manual adjustments were required where the software missed some beats or the if effect wasn't so pronounced. The initial distortions to the beats were done manually.

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