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Thread: What camera will record and stream?

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    Default What camera will record and stream?


    Am I being really thick here? I am wanting to webcast some events in HD but can't find a camera with an external mic input (to record from desk) and that will record to card and stream to USB or firewire at the same time. Surely this is something lots of people want to do. Am I missing a trick here please? A very old JVC will do the job but not in HD!

    All help welcome thank you.

    James Barry - webcasting novice!

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    Hi there,
    Few modern camcorders use Firewire, esp HD and I thought Webcasts were fairly low definition anyway.

    Is this a "Live event" - or are you wanting to Edit the piece to camera, and then webcast it? That could be done with several camcorders, but you haven't given us a Budget.

    For ext-mic the Budget needs to start north of 250.

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