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Thread: been filming seal pups with the 600d

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    Default been filming seal pups with the 600d

    I've just got back from new zealand (fantastic btw) and took a bit of time to photograph albatross. one of my favourite birds. huge and so majestic. not easy taking pictures from a rocking boat
    These are stills from my latest video which is actually focused on seal pups, I found a river in the woods , a stream really, where all the seal pups go to play in the daytime! incredible sight.
    This is the video if you're interested..
    but here are some of the stills from it.

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    Firstly congratulations on filming such a unique spectacle. The seal pups are adorable. I hope this is just a rough edit as it comes across very bitty to be a completed piece. You have left things in that shouldn't be there like speaking to close to the mic @ 2:33.

    The pieces to camera could have been a bit more thought out, I get the impression that "the moment" became a little overwhelming for you which made you loose the more objective view that would have presented the scene better to the viewer.

    It's still great to capture these experiences.

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    It was a pleasure watching this,and I Liked and share your enthusiasm with the Niration. Well Done!

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