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Thread: DSLR not as good as a video camera

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    Default DSLR not as good as a video camera

    Ok so I thought I would start the way I mean to go on, controvercy, oh and by the way to let people know I am dyslexic, as some people on forums have tended to correct my spelling in the past.

    I am not new to photography having been into it since I bought my Nikon F new, however whilst I have tried and used DSLRs, (Canon 60D) and others for vid, and the quality is there, I found it not as intuitive as a video camera (dedicated).

    I have what many will probably laugh at here for my camera,,,,

    Panasonic HDC-HS300 with Rode mic and deadcat

    I have just bought it pre owned, mint, boxed (without mic and cat) and guaranteed for 200.

    I also have another Panasonic HDC-SD10 as a backup.

    I shoot maily stills surfing and action but have developed an interest in video, so I apologize now for asking questions that I know will have been asked before.



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    I would agree that DSLRs are not ergonomically made for video shoots BUT when used well can give great results. The very best option for cost over quality and video usage IMHO is something like the Panasonic F101. It has video camcorder ergonomics but gives DSLR or better results. It's a bit pricey compared to a Canon D60 but from what I've seen a great video camera. The option of different lens gives it the great results. It's all about the lens.

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