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    Ive only recently started this video editing and I like it and the ink its fun. Haven't had any formal training and I just try to figure things out as I go. Please let me know what you think and don't think less of me if I respond because I don't know what you mean lol...remember I just started.

    OperatorERROR.......the expert shot! - YouTube

    Mr. TAFTICAL's day at the range - YouTube

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    He may be an "Expert Shot" but how do we know, if you the camera man don't have any shots of the target for us to see how good he is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    He may be an "Expert Shot" but how do we know, if you the camera man don't have any shots of the target for us to see how good he is.
    lol...true but it wasn't about accuracy. It was more of a manipulation/reloading tactics video. What did you think of the overall quality of the videos?

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    Not being a shooter I totally missed the point of the video.

    The opening titles look ok but there is a school of thinking that titles on a shot YouTube video is a turn off for the viewer. What might be a good idea is to give a taste of what the video is about then put up a title for a few seconds. I would crop out the hand holding the little camera at the beginning and the foot later on.

    You are using the wrong type of lens for this as it's too wide. I would try mixing some shots ie start with an establishing long shot to give the viewer the context, then get close ups so you can really see the technique being used. I'm not sure how safe it is to have the camera operator forward of the shooter. The guy with the head phones at 1:25 looks far to close for comfort and should be cropped out of the video.

    It's good that you have a number of angles but just using the wide-angle lens lessens your efforts. When you do go in closer at around 1:55 the subject (the guy shooting) is in silhouette and the background is burnt out. This is probably the cameras auto exposure getting it wrong. Manually set the exposure on the subject so at least the right part of the video is correctly exposed. At 2:12 you cut to the long shot for a few seconds and then put in a transition for no apparent reason this should be removed. It's good that you used mostly straight cuts.

    Some sort of explanation as to what we are seeing might help the in experience viewer to know what the techniques being used are and when they would be best used. ie why he is shooting one handed. this could be done with a voice over.

    Apart from that it was ok-ish.

    The best shot of the video is obviously the boob shot at 2:44.

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    Thanks for the input man! All I can do it get better lol

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    I only point out things so you can improve on them the next time BUT I do recommend you don't stand so close to the gun next time.

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    I agree about seeing the target with some close ups of bullets hitting it .......
    Think you could lose some of the fancy transitions too
    Appreciate his is geared towards shooters so it was wasted on me in fairness but good on you for getting this video done

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