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Thread: Different video resolution into same project. Does it work in Vegas?

  1. Default Different video resolution into same project. Does it work in Vegas?

    I am taking my first footage and I have an issue related to multiple formats used together in same project. I would appreciate help!
    The video from my camera is being recorded in .mts (AVCHD) with resolution of 1280 x 720. I intend to set my project in Vegas to render in 1280 x 720. But I also will use some “b-roll” footage, being most of them available in DVD format (worse resolution).
    a) Considering the video after editing (final rendered version), would be any problem to the overall video quality (because the DVD b-roll is being used into a higher definition project)?

    b) Is there any advice/warning when carrying on same project that uses different video resolution?

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    It should be fine to go the way you intend but the lower resolution may not be as Sharp as the 720 footage. BUT there is nothing you can do about that. Depending on the quality of the DVD footage you may not be able to tell the difference though.

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    I am learning about all of that and I was wondering if lower the definition on main footage to match the DVD definition could be other way to follow. But it seems nonsense... What do you think?

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    I agree with you, that's not the way I would go.

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