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Thread: Please help me! Please!

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    Default Please help me! Please!

    Ok, been trying ages to find out what effect/transition this guy is using in this vid - Resident Evil - Extinction (Contagious, Searchlight) - YouTube I really want to know how he does the yellowish flashy transitions which he does mostly in the vid. Could anyone please tell me what effect this is exactly or atleast what program he is using? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME. and also explain in detail if you know and thank you!

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    I don't know if this is the same transition as the video example but in Sony Vegas there is a transition called Flash which looks very similar.

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    Hey thanks 4 the quick reply. I've been trying every combination in vegas and i just cant duplicate it. Im not giving up yet!

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    It looks like it's going through a very high contrast shift very fast. Try the addative disolve that look very similar to me. Make sure you have the transition set to no more than 0.15 of a second or it will be too slow.

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    Hey, tried it and something as simple as that was the closest I've gotten to duplicating so thanks 4 that Why it still doesn't look like the original.. its still not bright enough. Is there a way to brighten the effect some more?

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    Try putting a tiny piece of white media on the track above just for a few frames. That might just lift it enough for you.

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    Looks pretty close so Im going to use this. Hey thanks again man!

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