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    can anyone tell me if I can burn 1080p HD video to bluray disk. I have a Panasonic tm900 cam and use sony vegas movie studio 11 HD platinum.

    I read that this is not possible but am hoping someone on here will tell me different. I have yet to purchase a Bluray burner.

    I have had the excellent camera a few months now and am just getting to grips with movie studio, which is quite a steep learning curve after Ulead Video Studio and standard def.

    Many thanks, Roy

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    As far as I know you can. Where did you read that you can't ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    As far as I know you can. Where did you read that you can't ?
    Thanks Midnight Blue, I read it in the Pana operating instructions booklet. It Says: About dubbing scenes recorded in 1080p The scenes recorded in 1080/50p cannot be dubbed to a disc with 1080p picture quality. They are dubbed after being converted to AVCHD picture quality. (as of Dec 2010). Maybe I am missing something here, not being an expert, or could it be referring to the Pana software HD writer AE 3.0 that comes with the cam.

    Regards, Roy

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    I think it could be referring to the frame rate of 50fps, using something like DVD Architect you can burn 1080p but only at 24fps. Which I believe is the standard frame rate for Bluray disks. SO to clarify I doesn't matter what camera you shoot with, if you shoot at 1080/50p, you would have to render a Bluray disk to 24fps. This shouldn't be a problem at all, as pulling down frame rates is a normal activity for editing software.

    One other thing to think about is if you really want to render a Bluray disk out at 50fps you can render at 720/50p This may be a better option if there is a lot of very fast moving objects. BUT I'm not experience at doing this so I can't tell you from experience what would give you the best results for your films. The only way to know is to render two versions and see which looked the best to you.

    Hope this helps.

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    I think that will help a lot and I will render at 24fps. Thanks again Midnight Blue for your help.

    Regards, Roy

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