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Thread: One Canon 600D with Sony Vegas Pro

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    Talking One Canon 600D with Sony Vegas Pro

    We have a great moment when making this video..
    How do you think?
    is this video good enough or what?

    *Sorry for my bad english

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    depends what you mean by "good enough"

    to make it simple, I enjoyed it, it was well put together and funny to watch
    it's still far from professional video, some shots are really nice, many are "poorly" lit.

    I hate to say it, but the issue here is more technical (equipment, lighting in particular, but these things sometimes go with more people to shoot with you too). Try and get some studio lights (you can get some for very cheap if you look hard enough) and try to shoot in a more controlled environment. I'm sure it'll make for much better image quality.

    that said, it's very very far from being bad, the vid is good looking, some scenes are very very nice and easy on the eye. I also love it that unlike most dslr users, you didn't fall into that "out of focus/focus" at every shot.
    by myself, I couldn't have done better and probably couldn't even have done as well to begin with. great job, now is the time to spend some of your hard earned cash on lighting and accessories!

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    Too much product placement for my liking.

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    It was fun, but looked like a home video. In too many of teh shots the subjects were just too dark. Eyes are drwan towards light.
    Look at 1:17 - your subjects are in the shade which is far better than being in direct sunlight) but the background is in direct sunlight - we're distracted
    Look at 1:24 - the sunlit patchs in the backgrund draw the eyes away from the subjects
    Look at 0:15 we can barely see the subjects.
    Ditto 0:20 they're in black against a black background.

    Basically I'm just agreeing with what hadoq said above, but giving specific examples.

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