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Thread: Cars n Rides, June 2012

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    Default Cars n Rides, June 2012


    First off id like to announce that finally the Facebook page for wolfstarpictures has been created, so get on over to Wolf Star Pictures | Facebook like and see behind the scenes footage!
    As for the video, here is a compilation of footage taken a few weekends ago, includes drag racing, bucking bronco's some dancing... and a skyline blowing peoples ears off.

    Cars n Rides - Crail Raceway & M & D's theme park 2012 [HD] - YouTube

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    I thought you made a good job of this. I particularly liked the section from 2:00 - 2:14 then the bike drag race. Good mix of shots.

    Well done.

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    thanks Midnight, appreciate that... did you check out the facebook page? Seems to be going quite well so far.

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    I only joined recently but this is my favorite video so far; good action

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    I don't really do Facebook but I'm glad it's going well for you.

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