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Thread: HD footage downscale to SD Query..

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    Default HD footage downscale to SD Query..

    Folks, newbie here so please be gentle but I'd REALLY appreciate some advice..... Been using Premier Pro for a while now but only recently started shooting with a Sony HDR-SR11 its highest quality is 1920x1080i now I shoot on this mode all the time & I use the AVCHD 1080i preset within PP. Now 90% of the time I output to a standard DVD disc for compatability reasons. Hence my question, Since all I really need is DV Pal 720x576 am I doing way way way to much processing or is there a way (point me in the right direction please) I can downscale my current footage.. A better way of working Im looking for ..


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    If you think of it like this, the better the quality of the original recording, the better the quality of the final out put. So if your computer can cope with editing HD footage then I would always shoot in HD it will give a better end result unless you a 50,000 SD camera but I'm guessing you don't.

    You also have the option at a later date to render out the HD footage in HD, if you get a Bluray player or what ever the future may bring us. The other good thing about HD resolution is you can zoom in or crop an image if you want to and keep a better quality image than if you cropped a SD image.

    In short I would only shoot or down scale to SD as and when it is the only option available.

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