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    Hi Videoforums Users,

    I like to know if some one can help me. how to make cool videos like this ones:

    Video 1. DJ WURKTIME:

    I try to add a second video on the post but the video limit on the forum is only one per post. but u can click the link for the second video

    Video 2. DJ BL3ND:(WINTER MIX) DJ BL3ND - YouTube

    I am also a DJ and I like to make my video mix fun and cool like thoses dj's videos

    can some one tell me how they can be done I use sony vegas pro 11


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    The thing that makes the example you have posted stand out is the projection that was done while filming. You could try and simulate this but putting a semi transparent layer over the footage of you doing your stuff but I won't look as good as projecting the image while filming. SO create your animation first then project it at yourself doing the DJ stuff and film it. Simples.

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    Hi Midnight Blue,

    I already have my videos. but how Ican get those semi transparent layer. to flash, animate like on the video u can see they have some cool animation and blinking or falshing effects how can be done

    I google this and youtube this for any tutorial but can't fing nothing to show me how to do this

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    I can't tell you how to make the animation but once you have it it's easy to put it into Vegas.

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    do u know how to do the animation. or u don't know and that's why u can't tell me how

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    I don't know how to do it. Creating animation is linked to video editing in some ways but is a totally different discipline. For example you can take a piece of media and move it around using key frames which is a kind of animation but not really the same as your example.

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