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    Question Editing setup?

    In the past, I have edited using my laptop with Final Cut Pro v. 6.0.6. I have been using a USB 2.0 500GB external hard drive for editing and storing my video files. Final Cut runs off my internal in my Macbook Pro. It's always been slow editing, each time I press play or scrub through the video, it lags and is very annoying.

    I am wondering what would be the best setup to edit quickly? I guess I could use my external as a backup drive, but I edit 1920x1080 AVCHD video now, so the files are way too big to keep on my internal. I also have a 250GB external, so that could be used as well. I've read about setting up RAID's and using external firewire hard drives, but that's pretty costly. I want to be able to scrub through video and edit without any lag time. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    I'm not a Mac or FCP user but it's my understanding that FCP uses the process of pre-rendering video sections to over come the laggy scrubbing problem.

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