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Thread: I want to start a reality webseries.

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    Default I want to start a reality webseries.

    Hi there!

    I've lurked here for a while now, trying to read and soak up as much information as possible.
    Conclusion; it takes alot of time and effort to do what you guys do, but i've got to start somewhere.

    The reason i'm posting this is because i'm trying to start off an idea thats been in my head for quite some time now, creating a reality based webseries about what i do.
    For personal reason i'll keep to myself what it is (it hasn't been done before), but it has to do with sports and i'm really passionate about it.
    It takes up all my time and effort, its a way of life, but its tough when you have no sponsors and barely get payed.
    So i've come up with this idea, to create an outlet not only for myself, but also for the people around me who've helped me troughout my career, as well as other people in the sport with integrity and passion for what they do.
    What i hope to gain out of this is to get a platform for sponsors to start investing in my career, and if not for me i hope it'll be for the people who are helping me.
    It's a tough world and those people put so much time and effort in me i hope i can thank them by getting them exposure.

    Note; i've got no experience or background making/editing AT ALL.
    What i do have is alot of motivation to make a succes out of whatever i do, and im a firm believer of doing your homework.
    But there's so much information out there that makes it hard to figure out how to start.

    I've made my pc ready to start editing, installing adobe software, and watched a ton of tutorials on youtube (especially the "videomaker" channel) on how and whats and whens.
    I haven't even bought a camera yet, but i do have money saved up (around E1200/1400) so i can buy a decent one.
    But i do believe that the power of a good production comes not from having the best camera, but from smart editing and shooting, knowing what you are actually doing right??
    I've read about storyboards and such but when you have an idea where do you guys actually start and what do you put on paper?
    What camera should i pick? (note: i can only make the investment ONCE)
    Is there any1 out there who has experience in what i've been writing above?

    ANY help is greatly appreciated

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    Welcome to the world of posting Lanista. If you've been lurking around for a while you will know I have an opinion about everything. So here is my opinion for what I think you should do.

    If you have no experience at all with making videos, I would try and hook up with someone local to you who already has some experience to make your first video. I don't know what it is you are doing so it's hard to help you with the "how to do it bit". I think a good place to start would be to decide what is the purpose of the video, Is it to promote you, or the sport in general etc. When you have done that then think about what will do that best. ie if it's to promote you, set out a little narrative that has a beginning, middle and end showing you setting up, then doing the do, then walking away into the sunset.

    You are right that planning is the first step to any film making so do your planning thoroughly and the filming stage will be easier because you will know where you need to be and where to point the camera and not miss getting the close ups mid shots and long shots, cut aways etc as it will be on your story board. In your post you said the power of a good production comes from smart editing and shooting, this should be smart shooting first, you can't make a piece of crap footage look good with editing. So get the shooting done as good as you can. During the planning stage you can think about "shooting for the edit" which basically means what it says. Example of kicking a ball sequence, so plan your shots. Have a close up shot of a ball, a close up shot of feet running past the camera (toward the ball). A close up of the foot hitting the ball. Then shoot a close up of a determined expression on the face before the run up to the ball. This will give you some great shots in the edit to mix in with the long shots of someone running toward a ball and kicking it. It's a much more interesting and dramatic sequence than just filming a long shot of someone kicking a ball.

    That gives you a bit about the planning stage which you can be doing while finding someone local to you who can do the filming. Get a film under your belt first before investing in a camera that way you'll have a better idea of what you need from the camera to make the camera choice easier.

    I hope this gives you some ideas how progress with your project.

    Good luck.

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    Note; i've got no experience or background making/editing AT ALL.

    Well every thing we use and take for granted today, was born out of some ones imagination. Cameras and Editing software are there to help you in what you want to achieve they cannot think and do the Job for you. Which is what so many people seem to think. You have to use your imagination. There is a Goldmine of info on this Forum just ask the question only be specific we are more than happy to help. Oh and welcome to the forum.

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