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Thread: makinga title move away from you

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    Default makinga title move away from you

    How do I make a title move away?

    I can't seem to find the tool that allows me to do it in Premiere 6.0


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    First click the title on the timeline. Then when you see it in the preview window. Click the effects tab in the monitor window, or if that isn't open go to WINDOW> EFFECT CONTROLS

    In the effect controls you will see motion. click the arrow to drop down more options. Under motion you will find scale, which is what you want. So click the stopwatch icon to the left of scale to set an initial keyframe. then move your time ahead until you want the effect to stop and then lower the scale number. The lower the smaller. Then preview it and it should slowly move away from you.

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    I'm sorry thats Premiere pro... here's what your looking for. you would have to customize some of the steps to fit what your doing though...

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    by any chance are u making a star wars esk title like at the beginning of every star wars film
    i eat hobbits!!!!!!

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    a tutorial on the star wars title is here ->

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