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    Hey guys.. I've been browsing these forums for a little bit and decided I'd join to hopefully hone my editing skills a little more..

    Anyway, it's cool to see a show off your skills forum, but feel free to check out my videos and reply with any comments/input

    Here's the link ---->

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    I have only watched the helmet-camera one so far, I'll watch the others some time, but its late and I have exams.

    Anyway, I liked the editing to the music, it was a bit reppetitive for me, maybe if you mixed-it up with some regular footage, of the same jumps maybe, that would hold the interest a buit more.

    I liked the bit when the music slowed and you put in the driving round the surrounding bit, off the track.

    The best bit was following the other guy (no. 4) getting close and overtaking.

    I thought it was good, if a little too repetitive. Hopefully I'll be able to check out some other movies soon.

    Also, what camera set-up are you using, is it a bullet-camera thing plugged into a mini-DV camera?

    I'm thinking about trying this out for a helmet-cam for surfing, what is the picture quality like compared to footage shot with the mini-DV camera (from that video it looks pretty good)?

    And were you using any wide-angle lens attachment for the shots in the video?

    Good job, I'll check the others out soon too.
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    Thanks for checking it out dude.. of all of them though, that video had the very least editing Oh well, check out the others when you get a chance.. That video was my first run with the helmet cam, so it's the only footage I had of the day. I know what you mean though!

    As far as the cam, it's from I did tons of research on different bullet cams, and they seemed to be the best quality. The video quality is crystal clear on a bigscreen, I was impressed.

    They have their "H2O Cam," you should check it out for surfing. It's completely waterproof, although I don't know how it would work being attached to a video camera.. not being waterproof. My camera is a sony trv-22 btw, and no wide angle lenses were used in that video. Althought I have them both for my camera and helmet cam. Thanks!

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    Just watched "The Compilation", I liked it a lot more, loads of diiferent angles, much more variety, all edited to the music well, I'm not a fan of emo realy, but it went well with the action,

    Maybe it would be good to hear a bit of engine noise, especially when you're doing turns right next to the camera, or revving up and stuff.

    Pretty impressive stunts, the bit with the pick-up going over the bump looked a bit sketchy, could have ended in tears, but it looked fun.

    I watched up to the credits then skipped ahead but i don't think it's edited after that?

    Nice editing, good action, a good video.

    RE: helmet cam', cheers for the link, I've e-mailed a UK company asking how their cam's specs compare to the ones on Viosport, (they do a waterproof wireless cam+transmitter so I can leave my camera on the beach), hopefully they'll be similar quality.
    Panasonic SD9, Panasonic NVGS-75, Canon MV600i

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    Thanks for the input and checking em out

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    pretty sick man... i was def likin them...def the helmet cam too...

    i've been wanting one of those for awhile to put on my helmet during races...

    check my vid out here

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    Soz m8 but the link did not work 4 me!

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