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Thread: Non Copyrighted music being used for commercial purposes... or?

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    Default Non Copyrighted music being used for commercial purposes... or?


    Most of the regulars here will know me, and have helped me a lot in the past in giving criticism in my short films i have created (now approaching 100,000 views across my 2 channels) and Tim... Midnight i couldn't have done it without you guys or this forum.
    Now i have a indirect motive for this topic, which is to create a full length film which i have been writing the script for about 10 months now, its a action/martial art style thriller fiction film which shows off the undercover drug trade in Scotland and how drug lords create unique way's in hiding, delivering and marketing their drugs through parkour runners, Car shows and martial art events.
    This as you can imagine requires a ridiculous amount of money to make... but its not out of my reach i have already personally invested 6,000 in film equipment so far. I have the actor's (most of which are pre grad and grade physical theater students and stunts coordinators) also have most of the props - I have almost any selection of any type of modified or stock super car of my choosing, ranging from Porsche 911's to British Drift Championship cars (I have built up a relationship with these companies shooting personal videos for them)
    But this topic isn't about this film, its about how to fund it. When the time comes to really start planning this film... you guys will know about it, i will have a detailed plan and i will want to include as many of you as i can.

    Now ive not made (directly) a cent for any of my video's as i have used copyrighted brand music for all of them, i have however created a portfolio which people contact me and hire me for my services which was a nice surprise when i got the first offer through.
    But these video's none the less don't generate revenue... and i really need to start generating more revenue (as im still forever making films) So the best way i can think of in the mean time is the music.
    Ideally, i would love to either have a signed or unsigned band make some sort of contract deal with myself so i can use and advertise their music through my video's and splitting the profits with them.
    Or finding good, un copyrighted music (i know there's no such thing but you get my drift) so i can use commercially in my videos... legally.

    Any advice guys?



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    There is a ton of music that is available on the internet from musicians and composers who are trying to make it this is where I have gotten some of my music from. Look in the sound section on this forum and you will see many composers have posted offering there work to video makers. If you like the sound of someones work just send them an email explaining your project if they are interested in the project then great if not move on to the next one. Just spend a bit of time on Google searching for royalty free music, There are lots of sites that offer very reasonable licences like AKM Music there licence is very good and you can get a track for around a tenner or even less. There are film soundtrack style CDs as well as individual songs.

    Another source is to look at your lock music scene. I'm sure in Edinburgh there is a healthy music scene with lots of local musicians who would be interested. Get down to some pubs and venues to check some out. That should enough info to get you strated.

    Good hunting.

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    Thanks for that midnight, makes sense! I have a good friend who is an extremely good dj, and does it regularly at clubs and pubs. He does mostly heavily remixed song's of brands and sometimes 2+ songs mixed in the one. Where does royalty and copyright play if you use a remixed song to generate revenue?


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    Copyright music is copyright music no matter how you mix it taking a very short sample is sometimes acceptable but you won't get away with mixing tracks if they find out.

    What sort of music are you looking for ?

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    i have a very varied approach in music, ranging from rock, to soft electronic or harmonizing piano and singing to more modern top chart songs, or simple upbeat rap songs. If it's a good song... ill have a use for it.

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    You'll have to be a bit less vague. I doubt you could afford to put chart music in your film but I'll tell you a story that might give you hope.

    I heard a song 30+ years ago that I really liked. When I got into film making I set my self a goal to make a short video based around the song. I knew I couldn't legally use the song so, I tracked down the original song writer and even managed to get his phone number. I phoned him and explained what I wanted to do and asked if I could use the song and he said yes. So I did.

    If you have a song that you think would really be good in your movie you could try the same but be sensible about it you ain't going to get Paul McCartney unless you have some really good contacts. One aspect about this is that some song writers don't hold the copyright to their songs any more as Sony Music etc have bought them. You may be better off listening to songs on MySpace (or similar) there are loads of artist that are really good but unsigned. If you like a song contact them, you may fall lucky like I did.

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    Default HATIng my switch to wireless keyboards..

    I just changed all three of my PRO xp video editors to wireless keyboards..I had had great luck with the one I had tried for months...a Logictech..then I dumped a Pepsi on it...and went and got a was terrible...a Hewlett Packard and A Logitech..I have to type this THREE TIMES....what gives help an old editor ????

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    My experience in 30 years of tv and film what you need to do with whatever get experienced...BUT know THIS..if you score MONEY...from using copywrite....they can take it and MORE down the line. There is a thing called FAIR USE...and YOUTUBE Tutorials have it well laid out for you..I CAN USE MARVIN GAYE in a film that EXPLAINS or highlghts a Cause or a new art form...or a social fix to a problem...IT MIGHT PISS the owners off... but you can not sue for take MONEY out of THEIR right owned pockets...YOU score goes to the owner...just be prepared to FESS UP ..and do not live in fear and deny the art...go for it ..

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