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Thread: Cleanse - 48 Hour Film Project

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    Default Cleanse - 48 Hour Film Project

    Hey guys, just wanted to share my entry for one of the many 48 hour projects going on right now.
    Our theme was Mystery. I hope you all enjoy!

    8 MIN

    Cleanse (2012) - 48 Hour Film Project [ By F.C.Rabbath ] - YouTube

    Also - my feature comes out in a week!

    Main channel - fcrabbath - YouTube

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    Nice one Fred. I like the Georgia Guidstones type story line. I'm sure the super rich are planning something like this for real. BUT what can you do ?

    Well shot, edited, acted, directed, good sound etc. Just a bit too strong grading for my taste.

    Great job, well done.

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    Thanks Midnight!

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    Good Job!

    I loved the Atmosphere and tone of the film, it was shot well, had very good acting and drew me in from the start with the interesting concept.

    If i were to give you any constructive criticism it would be that i feel like we could've related with the characters a little more, in my opinion if we'd stuck to the point of view of the girl and mother we would've felt more emotion for these characters, who were established as the main characters at the beginning, rather than swapping perspectives towards the end to the homeless guy.

    It's really hard to feel for characters in an 8 minute short as it is, but if we had focused on the girl/mother and their care for each other, i could see myself really caring for them as the comet / nuke was coming down towards them.

    Having said all that i understand that it was a 48 hr short film and this would've been very difficult to develop in such a short time frame; and as i said it's got an amazing atmosphere and flawless acting.

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