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    So for a couple years I've had this cable sitting around, and one end is s-video. That makes me happy, because s-video is good. So every once in a while I'll have to hook something, like a PC, up to the TV and go to use this cable. It is at this exact moment that I remember that this cable is utterly useless. Why? Because the other end is some 6 pin thing that I have never seen anywhere. I've done some research, and it has all failed to produce anything that would explain why I have this 6 pin thingamabob connecting to both s-video or composite video. Can someone tell me what the hell this 6 pin cable is for? Just to clarify, two separate cables come out of the 6 pin side, pictured on the left, the thinner one going to composite the other one going to S-Video. I've tried taking a picture of the pins and doing some sort of ascii art, but the picture wouldn't work and this forum doesn't like ascii art. So there are six pins, in three groups of two. The cetners of the groups are arranged as the sides of an equilateral triangle with a plastic pin in the center of the triangle.

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    Man I had fun reading that! I didn't get a thing!
    Please upload a photo of the thing on something like and give us the link to see.

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    Ok, heres a picture.

    I tried to get a picture of the end of the wire so you could see the pin pattern, but no luck. On the right is the composite and S-Video wires attached to the unknown thingamabob on the left.

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