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Thread: Part 2: Transfer of film on vhs cassette into sony trv33

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    Default Part 2: Transfer of film on vhs cassette into sony trv33

    Okay - I give up! Having resigned myself to doing it the long way round, I spent 8 hours yesterday trying to capture the film from the JVC vcr onto my Sony TRV33 so that I could edit it, hour by hour, then burn to dvd. Absolutely nothing happened.

    My TRV33 will accept edited material via firewire direct from my pc without any problem.

    So, following the instructions in the Sony manual, I first tried connecting the camera to the vcr using the cable supplied with the camera. Nothing. I then connected the camera to the tv, this time using the s video cable as well, nothing. I then tried using the camera as a pass through, again using the settings given in the manual (for recording from analogue vcr), but all it did was record onto the Sony laptop the material that was already on the used mini dv, ignoring the material that was being played on the vcr!

    One of my previous cameras was a jvc and it performed this operation perfectly well, but I suppose this was because all hardware was from the same manufacturer?

    Has anyone experienced anything like this, or am I missing something? I'm now relying on someone out there to help me through this one - again!
    Thank you in anticipation.

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    Default problem solved!

    After ringing up JVC and Sony, it was Sony who solved the problem. It seems I need a switchable scart socket (to change signal from in or out) and this is supplied free if you ring up and ask for it!

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    Customer service/technical support being helpful? Is this a first? Well done Sony

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    Indeed it is a first for Sony. When I tansferred some VHS footage to my TRV33 I went out and bought a full pin Scart to AV adaptor. I wish I knew that Sony were so generous. The good news for Kalbarrie is that the process works beautifully well.

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    Default Final update : Sony

    Yes, true to their word, Sony Customer Services UK sent my switchable scart socket, and it arrived this morning.

    I switched it to "out", connected the av cable from my trv33, inserted said scart into back of second, old vcr, connected camcorder, and bingo, it worked first time! I can now record tv (should I want to!) and most importantly, my vhs cassettes. Also, using the camcorder as a pass through, they will go directly into my laptop for editing with Pinnacle.

    So, if anybody out there is trying to capture material from vhs cassettes using the instructions on page 238 of their sony trv 12/14/19/22/33 manual, what it doesn't tell you is that you will need a switchable scart socket, and Sony will provide this, foc, if you ring them up.

    Thanks again to all of you for your suggestions and help, and I hope I may have repaid that by this latest posting.

    Sandra Hignett

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    A definite happy ending! Always good to hear feedback when a problem's solved!

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