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    Okay. I have a dvd disk, and it contains VIDEO_TS (the whole video) and few parts like "VTS_01_1" "VTS_01_2" "VTS_01_3" "VTS_01_4" and "VTS_01_5"
    And I found a scene that I want to delete. I'm guessing since video_ts is 14kb, it loads these "VTS_01_1" etc parts and that's how the video is played.
    The scene I want to delete is in "VTS_01_5". So I just opened it with movie maker, delete the scene I want to, and then when I exported it it was wma file. So I took some wma to .vob file converter and coverted it. Then I deleted original "VTS_01_5" from folder, and put my converted file and named it "VTS_01_5".
    But when I open video_ts and video starts playing, it's just not working.
    Everything is working and then when it should load like the last 8 minutes of the video (that's when it should load VTS_01_5) it can't load. It just ends the video.
    But when I put original VTS_01_5 (original not edited) then it works good.
    So I don't know is there anything I should do with my edited version of VTS_01_5 to put it into to the whole video or what?

    I would really appreciate any help. Thanks

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    I copied the VIDEO-TS Folder to DVD with the idea of freeing up some space. tried to delete the videos in the folder. From my memory of it they did delete but were all eventually back in there again. I think this must be the computers own private video storage folder, and the .vob extension is not universal for editing. So just create your own folder or there is usually a default My Videos and work on them from there.

    Hope this helps. Oh and welcome to the forum

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    I'm not surprised it doesn't work the way you are going about it. What sort of DVD is it. Is it a commercial movie or a home video etc. What you really need to do it take the whole movie and edit that. Then render it out as a DVD to a separate folder on your PC if you want a DVD disk or just create a .wmv file and play that on your computer.

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