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Thread: Story Driven Music Videos We Did

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    Default Story Driven Music Videos We Did

    They are 2 parts finished and it is a 6 part short film. This is part 2.
    And of course critics are always welcome.

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    This video is a bit of a mixed bag for me. Some aspect of it I like and some I don't. There isn't much of a story to it for a "story driven music video". Far to much out of focus stuff. It can be used to good effect for example the girl walking toward the camera and eventually hits the focus point but for me it took too long to get there for a 5 min music video. I am from an old school way of thinking where if you use an effect it should be for a good reason. I got the idea you used the out of focus because you think it looks "cool". We will have to agree to differ. This kind of thinking will open the door to people who think it's ok to shoot video in and out of focus and will delude them selves that they can be a camera man because there stuff looks cool like the cool music video they saw. Oh well enough of the old fuddy duddy stuff.

    I think you did manage to create a sort of tension an atmosphere on screen with the help of the music which I thought built up nicely.

    Sorry I can't be more possotive about this.

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    Personally i didn't mind the amount of out of focus stuff (despite being old school as well), but I did rather think it was used in order to add interest to something which was, quite frankly, rather thin on material. Don't get me wrong - a lot of the images created an atmosphere and an impression. But ultimately nothing much happened and I didn't care about any of the characters. Maybe this would be different in the context of parts one and three.
    Frankly, what kept me watching was the possibility (rewarded) of further cleavage shots

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    well ,im most definitely new school but, even for me there was too much out of focus materiel in there.

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    well ,im most definitely new school
    Are you still in short pants.
    Never mind wasting you time on the internet, haven't you got something more important to be getting on with.

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    I certainly have. But I have issues with premiere :-(

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    Anything I can help with ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Anything I can help with ?
    Unfortunately not mb. Cs6 doesn't recognise audio in avchd files. Apparently it's a known issue. With so many complaints on their firum, Adobe have locked the thread discussing the issue.

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    So how do you get around it, convert the AVCHD to .wav files then inport them both into CS6 and match them up ?

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    Thought this was very artistic ...loved the B&W....
    Agree about too much out of focus shots but appreciate that is a personal thing.
    The content didn't grab me ... but understand it was one of more parts .

    Oh yea I agree with Tim a good cleavage shot is wroth its weight in gold .

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