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Thread: Who's at the Broadcast Production Show at Earls Court?

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    Default Who's at the Broadcast Production Show at Earls Court?

    Just to find out how many of you are going to the Production show at Earls Court on 1,2,3rd of June?

    Just a week away now.

    Anyone like to compare the Production show to the Video Forum show? I mean has anybody been to both to give a comparison?
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    I was going to pop along for one fo the the days, even got my ticket. But as I had to stay at home to look after my poorly lad last week I've decided it would be too cheeky to ask for time off now. :(

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    Default Production Show

    I am exibiting at the production show with Libec tripods based on the TLS stand. Not really looking forward at all to the Earls court venue as it was a bloody nightmare for set up and pull down at Video Forum. Sorry to say but the production show is not really a prosumer trade show and not really of interest of the average user of this web site, in fact it is pitched mainly at the high end TV cameraman and production company and I mean that with the upmost respect, although its great to see the kit and the likes of Apple , Adobe , Avid etc will be giving excellent product demo's.

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