Majority of films out there are with AC3 Dolby Digital, 5.1 audio tracks, while i have only regular 2.1 speakers (2 satellites + subwoofer). So every time i am trying to watch a 5.1 film i barely can hear dialogs, talks, words, while all other audio effects, and music are dominating.

I have installed the latest version of AC3Filter (AC3Filter) which looks like should effectively down sample the 5.1 sound into 2.1, but i doubt it does that, cause i still see no difference, i still can't hear dialogs well.

I am trying to configure it so the talks and dialogs would be as loud as other sound effects and music.

I want to mention that while watching films with regular 2 channels stereo audio track i hear very well the dialogs, the music and other audio effects.

Please help me anyone more experienced in audio production to properly configure that AC3Filter, or could anyone share a 5.1 to 2.1. preset with me?

Thank you.