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    Default Free Stock Video and Motion Graphics

    Hey guys,

    Just thought I'd share this - we are setting up a website for completely free stock video and motion graphics for use in any project - with no catches (except you may not redistribute our footage in any way).
    The site is Home, and will be going live on 1st July 2012. In the meantime please follow us on Twitter -

    All footage is in either 720p or 1080p HD and available in common formats such as quicktime.

    Also are there any specific clips you would like to see on the site? We are going to be adding quite a few motion graphics clips, such as backgrounds and lower third templates, but we're open to suggestions.

    Thanks ,

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    Sounds good - personally I like the sound of the motion graphics - tried looking for this before but no sites seem to offer it. Apart from that I think urban environments and transportation could be quite popular?

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    Thanks James - yes the motion graphics side of it will hopefully be the main attraction. Any more suggestions from anyone?

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    Hello Tom

    Be great if you could do a Sea water background scene say calm, slightly rough, to very rough,

    Could your videos be edited by the user? Can they be used on a commercial website? What are your copyright rules for usage?


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    Thanks Mike - sea water background is a good idea, it seems to be quite popular on most other stock websites. The user is free to use the clips in any way they like, so they can edit and use the clips in their own projects, including commercial ones. The only limitation is they can not pass on or redistribute/sell the clips they download.

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    Thanks Tom.

    I know we are always a bit wary of anything like these but you have cleared the air on copyright usage. Look forward to seeing them Onsite.

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    Hi Tom

    Another idea if you could produce some clips similar idea to this British Airways Advert That would be right on! This would put the creative edge on our Video editing.

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    Hi Mike,

    Apologies for the late reply - we've been pretty busy getting the site together. However, it is now live!! Please feel free to check it out and
    let us know what you think.

    Yes I know copyright is always a big question on most people's minds with this kind of stuff, as a lot of providers can make it pretty complicated.
    So yes everything on the site is free to download and use in any project.

    Re: British Airways, nice idea! We've actually got a couple of days shooting in London next week already lined up to grab some stock footage, so
    this will be a good addition to the site.

    If anyone else has any suggestions do feel free to chip in,

    Videvo Free Stock Footage

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    Hi Tom

    Checked out the Website this morning. Some good stuff here keep up the good work! Just another pointer you could add a link at the bottom of each category for people to add their own requests and suggestions. Oh and did you add the all important tags to your original post so we can find your site on the forum?

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    Great, thanks a lot for the feedback! Yes we definitely need to add some kind of request form somewhere on the site - we're thinking maybe setting the default number of videos per page to 10, which will open up space on the sidebar for something like this. At the moment we're just adding as many clips as we can, then we'll start tweaking the design I don't think it will start getting serious interest until we get to around 1000 clips online, which could be quite a lot of work!
    I think I put the tags in yes, seems to be showing up on the thread - thanks for the pointer

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