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Thread: When TOWIG met Emmerdale

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    Please watch and enjoy our recently filmed, tongue in cheek documentary film.

    When TOWIG Met Emmerdale - The Documentary - YouTube

    It was filmed at 'Grampian Country Fair' raising money for 'Inspire' Charity featuring the stars of Emmerdale!

    All constructive criticism and comments are welcome!

    Thank you for taking the time to watch our film.

    Reel Moon Productions

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    Nice one lads. I actually enjoyed watching it. I thought you did a fair job with the interview. (It's not as easy as the pros make it look is it) ? You brought across a great amount of fun in the piece. The camera work was well dodgy but I didn't mind that too much. I thought it made a nice departure from your usual stuff. I think you pulled it off.

    Well done.

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    Thank you very much! Yeah, it is pretty nerve-wracking, you are constantly thinking "whats my next question....." when you are interviewing.

    Yeah the camera work was a bit under par but that wasn't at the top of our priority for this piece so we were a bit relaxed about it.

    We always enjoy hearing the comments from our peers! So thank you once again Midnight Blue

    Reel Moon Productions

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    I too thought it was a nice job. I'd suggest you did a better than fair job with the interview. Having attempted "on camera" interviews myself I know how difficult it can be to think up the next question whilst looking like you're listening to athe answer to the current one. Not only that but you managed to maintain a level of "tongue in cheek" ness without taking the piss out of your interviewees.

    Ihad to laugh when the interviewee turned interviewer - I've had the same happen to me and it's veruy difficult to turn it back.

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    Thank you very much! Yeah, we were also a bit starstruck aswell and we hadn't really prepared any questions so they were all off the top of our heads!

    The bodybuilders didn't get our sense of humour, we were going for Ali to make out he was as muscular as them and actually believing himself to be in better physical condition and talk down to them obnoxiously.

    Thank you for this feedback, it is very much appreciated.

    Reel Moon productions


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