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Thread: Snow Pirate day promo- critque appreciated

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    Default Snow Pirate day promo- critique appreciated


    I have used these forums for a while, enjoyed watching everyone's vids and got a lot of handy tips.

    I thought i'd post up something myself for once. The clip is my first attempt at a bit of a promo for an upcoming snowboard/ski event that i am running (its a non profit for fun thing so there is no funding). I have footage of really good riders with all the moves but the idea is to get all levels of rider involved and make it look fun.

    I had three sets of footage given to me to add to my own so the footage was shot on a Canon 600D, Canon 7D and two GOPROS, conveniently the gopro footage was all shot on different settings ...argggh. so the first problem was that I had to use footage that I didn't shoot and was often to far from the subject and the second was getting all the different files types to work....which turned out to be a nightmare. But anyway heres what I came up with (Watch it in HD if you can).


    Feel free to leave comments or likes on the vimeo page as well.

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    You made it look fun, so there's half the job done. I think it was a little long just for a promo but I'm not a snow boarder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    You made it look fun, so there's half the job done. I think it was a little long just for a promo but I'm not a snow boarder.

    yeh I agree, it is definitely a bit too long, It would be better at about 2mins max I think, maybe even shorter. One of the problems I always have with these sorts of videos, where I know everyone riding, is cutting out things. I really need someone sitting with me for the final cut saying 'cut it'...'out'...'boring' etc hahah

    I'll probably make another one so I'll try and make sure its brief next time.

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    It made me want to go pirate snowboarding. Especially liked the shot at 1:37. That was awesome.

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    the pirate family shot? haha


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    Here is another one I made - snowboarding in powder in Sweden.

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