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    You'll all notice that since the change in the forums I haven't implemented the download mod. This is partly due to abuse by a few people (people seemed to think it was fine to link to the files I kindly hosted using my bandwidth on other sites), but mainly because I want to keep the board vanilla for future upgrade opportunities.

    I know some of you decent, honest and regular contributors sometimes need space. If ever you do, drop me an email and I'll supply FTP access.

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    Thanks Marc.

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    Yes, I second that. Being able to utilise webspace you've provided is much appreciated.

    (And I still can't think of a single idea connected with red.)

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    Marc, on European videos there's usually so many different codecs. I have been using VLC player and I just noticed downloadable software here.
    Zoom player - quite simply the only player you'll ever need."

    How well does this work with European codecs? Be great to have another option for International vids, VLC plays 80% of them, but a few it will not. Good solution..
    Thnx. sites very informative and I appreciate the downloads..
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    I'm not quite sure what you mean by "European Codecs". Typically, if you have Xvid or DivX installed you'll be able to view any MPEG4 content. That leaves quicktime and realmedia as the only other mainstream proprietary codecs, which you can play by downloading "real player alternative" and "quicktime alternative".

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    yeah, there's no such thing as european codecs.

    There's the pal/ntsc thing, but that's nothing to do with the US/EU specifically.
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