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Thread: blowing up a film onto the big screen

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    Default blowing up a film onto the big screen


    Just need advice if anyone can provide it.

    I am due to showcase a trailer very soon, after an event this weekend and am looking for some information in regards to doing so, the film is going to be run through a dvd player and projecter onto a full size cinema screen at a local theatre and was wondering if there is a specific render format the accomodates the video expansion and allows for minial visual quality deterioration.

    The footage was shot on a z1 in hdv format at 50i

    any advice is appreciated or further questions can be answered thanks


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    Projection is a massive subject with so many variables.

    The main task (quality wise) is to keep re-sizing to a minimum. Find out what your project spits out and make sure that you input that into it.

    So, if you shot in HDV and the projector shows HD, then ideally you would want to input HD into it. Depending what "input sockets" your projector has, you can either play it from tape, blueray or from a media player.

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    I assume that you deinterlaced your video otherwise when it is on screen combing artefacts are going to be very obvious.

    I think you need to look out for stretching problems. As I understand it, most movies are at a higher ratio than 16:9. For example, Philips make a TV that is 22:9. You may need to check that the projector is not expecting anamorphic video.

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    When you say it's going to be run through a DVD player do you mean a normal domestic DVD player ? It's not going to look pin sharp when you blow it up to that size but to minimise any image quality issues follow what Rob said about re-sizing, keep the bit rates and all other setting the same as original footage until you need to knock it down to SD to make the DVD.

    If it's not a standard DVD player then find out from the theatre what format they can accept.

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    I have always wanted to know aswell

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