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Thread: Former Call of Duty editor going into Visual Effects.

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    Default Former Call of Duty editor going into Visual Effects.

    Hello guys, I am ThirdFloors, quite a new channel, but with quite some good content. But I am looking to improve, and the best way to do so, is through feedback. So I'd love it if some of you could honestly tell me what you think I should improve on future video's.

    I used to edit a lot of Call of Duty montages and episodes.
    But I am going more into this direction, as I'd love a job in that branch later:

    That's why it's really important for me, to get some more exposure so I could get more feedback on every video, and hopefully improve to the maximum!

    Thank you for reading this, and I'll love you forever if you can give me some feedback! <3


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    I found it hard to understand what was happening as the images appear blurry. Initially, I assumed the hand waving was intended to look as if it were controlling the wireframe character. But; that illusion is lost because the excessive and frantic hand movements appeared not to have any effect on the wireframe model.
    The 2nd problem of faking a human interface is the practicality of using it. If the UI requires a huge hand movement; the operator would be better off using an ordinary mouse. For example, in real life, I have no interest in waving my hand at a TV to change channels; when a simple remote control is easier and requires less energy.

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    Well first of all, thanks for the reply . Uhm yea, I was looking for a way to modify the model with my hands, but couldn't really change it that much, so yea I agree with you on that. But as far as the practicality of using it.. it's just a hobby, a fun thing I did, there was no intention of making it real or anything. But yea, I'll keep your feedback in mind next time

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    I just think that your hand movement didn't exactly match the animation.

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