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Thread: Which capture device?

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    Default Which capture device?

    What capture device should I buy, without bringing Canopus into it as wife is hovering with cold steel. I want a wee box to got from VCR to Pc I already have the scart to S-Video and compsite sound lead. All I need is a box and have been looking at Dazzle and Belkin as are both under 50 quid,Wife puts cold steel down.
    I wonder if anyone could say which and what complaints they may have about either.
    I really only have a couple of tapes to convert to DVD so to spend a huge splodge of cash would be a bit daft (splendid as wife aint watching!)

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    Cheapest way is get someone with a canopus joby to do it for you. If you're in the UK (and it seems like you are) I can offer a conversion service to DVD for a lot less than the cost of a box.

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    Tell me more! What I am after is raw, if thats the right term, footage to do as I will on my PC.

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    1) Do you want to edit the footage?
    2) Do you have a miniDV camcorder?
    3) How long are the videos?

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    Yes I want to edit the video, yes I have a miniDV Camcorder (at Last) and I have 3 or 4 tapes of about 4 hours each to convert the first one I have just viewed a little of and its a bit of a job to track albeit on a very cheep VCR.

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    Before you spend any money check whether your miniDV camera has analogue pass through. What is the make and model of your camera? Essentially to act as a DV pass through it will need analogue "in" connections - you then pass this to the pc via firewire.

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    Its a Sony Handycam DCR-HC14E

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    Unfortunatly your model doesn't have analogue pass through and 12 -16 hours of tape is a tad too much for me to convert! The main reason is space - it'll take up about 160GB.

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    Ha Ha I'm not surprised sitting through 16 hours of someone elses crappy home video must be soooooo much fun! Well I was not thinking of sending them all at once so space would not be too much of a problem but I think the time it would take is a bit of a turn off? Thanks for the offer anyway. I was wondering if you could help anymore with a sugestion of a piece of hardware that would assist (without the risk of a Bobbitesq outcome)?

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    Buy (and then sell) an ADVC100 from ebay

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