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Thread: Some tips for me?

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    Default Some tips for me?

    I have been editing a while, and I have had Sony Vegas for a while now. But I haven't really gone out to do some big editing. I have only used basic tools within Sony Vegas. I was wondering if you could throw out some tips for me and/or link me up to some useful videos? =)

    I am filming a big video with a mash-up of some old clips of mine and new clips and I want to make it as 'epic' as possible... Thank you! =D

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    Try Youtube.

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    I don't really know what to look for, I know the basics and some more intermediate stuff (like masking, cloning, sin city effects ect.) But I would like to learn more. I am asking you if you could give me some 'leads'.

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    All the Tutorials should be on Youtube do a search have a look through so you can decide what you need to learn more about.

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    I do know that though lol, I just really don't know what important things I should learn about and branch off from. I think I am going to do more masking though as it's a great tool.

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    Shark, it might help if you post examples of what you might consider an "epic" mash-up. And possibly examples of what you can do now. One man'r "epic" is another man's tasteless and overblown.
    Remember, editing will never make a film, it can only enhance what's already there.

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    When I was learning editing software, I made a conscious effort to experiment as much as possible, making a film with one or two gimmicks each time. I'm generally pretty good at learning software by myself. I'd suggest this approach, relying on Google when you get stuck. But I find you learn more if you've got an end product in mind rather than just messing around and seeing what you can do. Focus on the film and only learn the things you need to complete that particular project. And then do another project with something different. If you like Sim City, perhaps try a film in black and white, where certain objects are in colour, for example. And make that your only special effect.

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